Provincial Austria today and tomorrow

I'M NOT SURE whether becoming a redhead in provincial Austria at present would bring about you to be laughed at as you stepped coupled a street, or maybe normally mocked, despised, or even actually feared, as an agent of the Devil, but so it was, unsurprisingly, when Johann Nestroy authored The Mascota in 1840. Prejudice out, and their wicked incrimination, typically the play does something considerably more having his red-haired girl—charged using driving geese from the hayloft before this burnt off lower, obviously induced simply by the woman flaming top—it likewise charges up the drama, a farce with tracks, while likewise baiting the particular censors, by whom Nestroy himself has been often priced, in both feels, doing the satire more intense, then hardly more restrained, when he was after not only confronted, but sent to jail for several days. As for typically the censorship, it was alone a dynastic tradition, in the religion regarding point out and law, while Austria was secularized and even modernized, from the more liberated Secessionists to the Viennese Actionists, among whom scandal was sacred in often the order of things, with animal slaughter, burnings, together with ritualized masochisms, pornography, scatology, self-mutilations, public masturbations, nausea, shitting, eating shit, near-electrocutions—all forms, as they put together that, of talismanic disobedience, in some cases so funny a person could yell. Thus, the